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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  October 4, 2017 2:03am-2:30am CEST

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though by a strong showing by the nationalist alternative for germany party in last month's general election. three american scientists have won the nobel prize in physics for the discovery of gravitational waves the royal swedish academy of sciences awarded the honor to reiner weiss barry barish and kept thorne the three led the so-called league of experiments which in september two thousand and fifteen first observed gravitational waves ripples in the fabric of space time predicted by albert einstein. germany marks twenty seven years of unity but less than two weeks after a far right party is elected to parliament on a ticket of xenophobia the country's president warns of new divisions i'm sorry kelly in berlin this is the day.
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if i am in talk to dogs and we celebrate german unity day like every year. and we celebrate it with good reason. the third of october is the day when east and west germany were reunited and yet something is different this year. or the great wall across the country is gone. but on election day it became clear they were the walls less visible without why and it strips. walls that stand in the way of that collective sense. in my view. in vegas when i'm talking about the walls of alienation disappointment or anger. and i know you feel when people say i feel foreign in my own country and in the now i cannot
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simply be the times of change when people say i don't understand my country any more than there is a need to act in germany. germany commemorated reunification on tuesday but how united is the country really just two weeks ago a far right party secured a spot in the german parliament on a ticket of xenophobia now the german president. is warning of new walls going up in people's minds twenty seven years since the physical wall between east and west went down now he made the comment in a speech during an event commemorating german unity day which saw the country's leaders gather in the southwestern city of minds. on the twenty seventh anniversary of german unity both leaders and citizens have reason to be cheerful. but smiling selfies with chancellor angela merkel hide a serious message though germany may be prosperous and powerful nationalism war and
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crisis have arrived on its doorstep. you could we cannot detach ourselves from what's going on in the world we must ensure that things improve that level ization takes place in a humane way he started with closer to home germany's president. says the country is torn and under threat from a new aggressive form of nationalism he says new walls are going up this time in people's minds. behind these walls deep mistrust is going against our democracy and its representatives the so-called establishment which includes everyone who wants to be part of it everyone except the self-proclaimed fighters against the establishment. that's a reference to the right wing populist party which with its anti refugee rhetoric has barreled into the bundestag. steinmeyer would like to see an immigration law
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that allows opportunities but lays out limitations as minors. in my view this is not simply wishing away the migration but apart from asylum and europe wide efforts it means defining a system of legal access to germany which regulates and controls migration according to our requirements. the celebrations began with a church service that focused on multiculturalism and germany's history of diversity. present were a doctor who's worked in syria and iraq and i now miss a german muslim and a jewish german. from the altar a message of tolerance and coexistence. on germany's national unity day the country's political establishment is gathering strength to face the heated debate that will mark the next chapter of german history.
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and for more on this german reunification day let's bring in our political correspondent charlet potts i charlotte welcome to you you know germans really know the significance of this state but for our international viewers explain to us the weight of it yeah i think it's a really important day for all germans but particularly for those who lived in former east and germany on the g d r. who grew up there herself the german chancellor she said that it's a day of freedom from dictatorship to those who really lived under socialist rule for so long and we have to remember east and west germany was divided for forty years for over forty years and literally separated by a wall for twenty eight years so it wasn't an easy task to bring them together and finally on october twenty seven years ago east germany joined west germany a lot of positive developments since then but of course
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a lot of lots of problems as well let's talk about one of those problems because we heard the german president speaking a little bit more about that today he in fact described invisible walls new barriers in people's minds just how polarized is german society right now it is definitely polarized it's not as polarized as the united states i would say but there is divide and divide between the political left between the political right old and young rural areas and cities but also still between the east and the west and not just economically the east is still behind the west in many ways but the german president was referring to these invisible barriers that are grave of mistrust and anger of some in the east also towards the west and we can. see that in the election results just a short while ago in nationally the f.t. the far right newcomers to a german parliament they scored twelve point six percent but in the east the result was much stronger in one of the states they even came out as the first strongest
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party there so a lot of frustration was mirrored there i think in that election votes that are still running very deep in the east so the first step is perhaps acknowledging that there is a problem and we do see that happening now it comes to walking the walk to dealing with it are there any proposals on the table to do so how how are germany's politicians going to bridge this divide well politicians across the alex the number one topic right now on how to bridge that divide and politicians are proposing we have to debate more we have to listen more that's on the one hand the german president today he was proposing on the issue of migration which is still very divisive and very much discussed in the country he was proposing an immigration law which germany hasn't had so far a new way for legal immigration into germany and that is going to be a topic of heated debate in the weeks and months to come absolutely that would be
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a very big first for the country charlotte parts our political correspondent thank you so much for telling us a little bit more about it. and the united states las vegas has been remembering it's dead today and many of the injured are still fighting for their lives in the wake of the horrific attack on an open air country music festival on the famed las vegas strip the shooting has renewed the debate over gun control in the us police recovered an arsenal of more than twenty guns including automatic weapons from the shooters were zero in the mandalay bay resort and casino across from the concert venue police continue their search for his motive as locals and survivors rallied together to comfort each other. the grief and horror of a city in shock a quiet candlelight vigil replaced the customary neon glitz of the las vegas strip tales of her bravery emerged from the worst mass shooting in modern u.s.
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history. it was carried. over there were dead or alive when it because of all scripture and maybe the church but we're just trying to repeat a little one story will. when you have been cleared but nobody was alive. stayed with the police to form a folder. for people caught up in the tragedy there was some comfort in coming together to get down my teammates my side and just yet to really express the gratitude that you feel for people being. interesting mostly communities through the able to come together for the body. and this is the man said to be the killer sixty four year old stephen paddick a multi-millionaire real estate investor and high stakes gambler. patika checked into the iconic mandalay bay hotel from his room on the thirty second floor he had a perfect vantage point above the music festival to carry out his gruesome shooting
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spree. at paddocks home in the nevada town of miskito police recovered nineteen guns in addition to the twenty three found at the las vegas hotel where the fatal shots were fired well you're concerned as anybody would be and we were that somebody close to home would. do something like that but. today this seems to be happening all over the place and so you just don't know who may british police have yet to uncover any concrete motive. with the investigation into the massacre in las vegas still in its early stages the debate on gun control which has divided america for decades can only intensify. a somber day there in las vegas as people come to terms with what has happened our u.s. correspondent carson phenomena is standing by with the latest from las vegas and carson you're actually standing by with someone who has survived the massacre tell
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us more. absolutely i'm standing here where it happened on sunday evening with deborah jane one of the survivors of this mass shooting on sunday evening no you're back here at the scene what comes to your mind here and it's still surreal it's hard to imagine that this was where all of this this craziness and chaos and massacre took place and i see the places where we got people out and where i hid and it just you know it's i can't really put it into words where we've also heard one of the happened is there were lots of displays of heroism of people just showing humanity showing solidarity with each other in spite of all the danger is that also what you experienced when i did i i got separated from my friends and so we i ended up sort of in a rush of everyone telling us to run and not stay and so we got into places where
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we were sort of large groups of people but people were hysterical they'd seen people get shot in the head or the face and were really shook up and yet we were still in danger so everyone was sort of trying to calm people down keeping families together they weren't pushing no one was like trampling someone over my friends ended up my friend's husband is ex-military and he knew what was going on and he could tell the direction of the gunshots so he got people out and then he and his wife carried people out they took anything they could wheelbarrows carts and set up a staging area because the first responders were in allowed in because it was still an active shooting scene and so there were people who had been shot bleeding mortal wounds and needed to be taken care of. well tomorrow president trump is expected here in las vegas what do you expect from the president here and from his visit well i expect compassion you know for all who have gone through you know the loss
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of their family member i know there's many people still in the hospital in critical condition and to have five hundred twenty seven wounded there's a lot of a broken spirits and her people and i believe that he can show that we're united states of america we're all one and and come together and really show love and compassion still there is a discussion going on not just since sunday but basically for many years know about the issue of gun control and the shooter there had many weapons even semiautomatic automatic weapons. what is your take on that so i i lost my phone in all of the chaos i haven't really you know we've been worried more about safety of people and injury. i have heard bits and pieces that what he had were illegal guns and he should have had them anyway and i don't know how gun control helps when it's illegal i don't know that you need to have an a r to go hunting so i think there should be some changes but certainly bad people break laws and i don't know how we
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stop the bad people from doing bad things so you're going back to tucson arizona back to home wish you all the best. back to berlin this discussion on gun control here in america definitely will continue. thank you very much carson for naaman standing by there with deborah a survivor of this massacre and we thank you very much to both of you for sharing the very latest there from las vegas. so as we just heard there the massacre has reignited a spirited debate online about u.s. gun laws let's bring in our social media editor fifty who is following the discussion online what are people saying so this is a conversation that is rehashed in america off to every mass shooting but this time it was in part led by a late night us talk show host and actually the most emotional reaction we saw was from jimmy kimmel he's actually las vegas native let's take a look at the. children without parents. for all those.
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daughters rules i've been reading comments from people say this is terrible but there's nothing we can do about it but i disagree with that intensely because of course or something we can do about it there are a lot of things we can do about it. but we don't which is interesting because when someone with a. beard attacked us we tap phones we invoke travel bans we build walls we take every possible precaution to make sure it doesn't happen again but when an american buys a gun and kills other americans then there's nothing we can do about that. so these shows are usually all about comedy but last night they took on a more somber tone yeah absolutely and now you know we heard jimmy kimmel basically echoing something that has been said so often in this conversation that happens after these mass shootings and race in years is there any reason though this time around to believe that things might be different that there might be a different outcome well for the most part it doesn't seem to be changing gun
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culture is and trench to within the american psyche and it's a very divisive issue and with both sides digging their heels in let's take a look at some of the reactions online charles climate says i'm a military veteran and a gun owner i'm tired of politicians who can more about their guns and the folks they serve american all for grant cardone rights to all who use who use the las vegas shooting to push their gun control agenda trust me you want to beyond when these things happen i was there but some say that this latest shooting did change them mind. keita he's a guitarist with the band level ninety five wizard he performed at the festival in vegas and reflecting on the shooting he said witnessing the massacre shifted his views on gun control he said i've been a proponent of the second amendment my entire life until the events of last night i cannot express how wrong i was we actually had members of our crew with concealed handgun licenses and legal firearms on the bus they were useless. he adds that we
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need gun control it's coming up right now we need gun control right now my biggest regret is that i stubbornly didn't realize it until my brothers on the road and myself were frightened by it but you know americans have witnessed shooting after shooting and nothing has changed so that doesn't seem to must much to suggest that you know it's going to shift now absolutely it's difficult to extrapolate those individual cases on to the general population we know that this has been such a controversial issue and we thank you very much for at least giving us a you know a little bit of a sense about the conversation that is happening right now online jad self-pity from our social media desk we appreciate it a pleasure. a tense standoff continues in spain days after more than two million cattle lands voted in favor of independence separatists have been blocking roads and going on strike in protest against police violence during sunday's independence referendum
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and this evening in a televised address to the nation there were harsh words from spain's king for catalonia has bid for independence. the import. for some time now so to north or it is in catalonia have been repeatedly intentionally and deliberately breaching the constitution and it's called ptolemy statute which is the law that it protects and safeguards its historical institutions and its self-government. with this decision as they have infringed systematically the regulations that were approved legally and lawfully demonstrating and in admissible disloyalty towards the state powers a state which is precisely represented by these all floridians in catalonia. and the spanish king spoke as many thousands of independence supporters demonstrated in barcelona protesting police violence during the secession vote.
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after the violence that marred the referendum comes the response. outside the offices of spain's governing political party striking port workers vented their anger over police brutality for their part spain's government blames catalan leaders for inciting rebellions on the streets as there was time to see that they showed that they were never there to deter people they were there to hit and provoke them after what happened catalan people expect everything from them. fearing more violence firefighters from the protector of line between the people and the police. ok the state is inflicting violence on citizens and therefore on us we are here to protect people and as a consequence we are also exposed to the threat. in saudi arabia. across
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the region landmark shut their doors and solidarity public transport has been running a limited service and highways have been blocked. yet nothing could stop the masses turning out to be heard. the city streets turned into a sea of defiance. as the day wore on their number swelled and so to their calls for outside intervention. the music world has been paying tribute to u.s. musician and songwriter tom petty who died suddenly of a heart attack on monday at the age of sixty six heading was rushed to a hospital after being found unconscious at his malibu home he was best known as the lead singer of the rock band tom petty and the heartbreakers which recorded a number of heads in the one nine hundred seventy s. and in the 1980's. and let's talk
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a little bit more about his legacy i'm joined now in the studio by his very own marc aspen or he's joining us from our culture to ask mark thanks so much for being here what made tom petty in your opinion such a standout musician i mean we all know his songs of course but but what was it really when he had a very distinctive style of guitar playing that kind of chugging sort of dampens string that really sort of noted the song along and he would leave in that with some really strong power chords and some incisive lyrics that's kind of a signature of his style but he also had a real gift for penning almost perfect paul rock songs with defiant lyrics i have a something of a rock n roll swagger to them for example i won't back down which was one of his one of his greatest hits after he had been with tom petty in the heartbreak as he recorded that as a as a solo artist he was definitely different difficult to categorize at least for you know his john or of music and what it is that that he and his group were producing
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when we look ahead his personal life it wasn't quite as smooth sailing as his professional one was it no i mean that's true he had something of a truck not a deeply troubled background but you know domestic strife sort of followed him a little bit really as a child he had a very sort of restrictive parental control from his father who said to beaten him quite badly and disapproved of him being an artistic musical child who was interested in those kinds of things that didn't really fit in with his father right father's idea of what a man should be. when he actually made it big as a musician he was on the road a lot and that paid toll on his personal life to. lead to some element of his marriage breaking down and in the wilderness years after that he turned to drugs as many musicians find themselves doing sadly and with heroin addiction but he managed to beat that and depression which was an illness that he talked about quite free to be fair to say that all of that was you know
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a source of inspiration for him in the end i mean do we see some trace. of that in in his songs where did he where did he get the inspiration to produce well i think as i mentioned earlier this idea of defiance and finding your own self assurance and being able to communicate that but also i mean he talked about how when he was eleven he got to be on this film set of an elvis presley film and had been greatly inspired to me that rock'n'roll was where he wanted to go but it wasn't until the huge screen that woke up america in one nine hundred sixty four of the beatles playing on the ed sullivan show that he thought that's what i want i want to be in a band guitars bass drums me at the front singing and that that was a real inspiration to him by all accounts as a songwriter he drew something for me he talked about the magical process of what it is to write a song the mysterious place of where the music comes from who see it talked about i would play my guitar and the shape of the music would arrive and it's probably best not to analyze that too much so kind of respectful of what of what news comes to
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you to create something of the kind that he did in the end perhaps it's all about a little bit of magic dust right a little bit of secret sauce that goes into it i want to talk a little bit more about one incident in particular perhaps one that our viewers might find interesting the band's one hundred eighty five tore it featured the confederate flag in fact and it ended up getting him into a bit of trouble tell us more about that because that's a very controversial symbol certainly absolutely it's a really controversial topic of conversation in light of recent political events is as well we were aware of what the significance of the confederate flag is to different parts of the community when he recorded the album southern acts that accents in one thousand nine hundred five he had this idea of having some kind of branding some kind of concept around that recalled that drew upon the southern states past he talked about the confederate flag as being very present in his childhood and didn't really associated with the the the significance that it has
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for those who were. requite justifiably oppressed oppressed by that when it was pointed out to him he felt deeply ashamed and embarrassed and as he said stupid and he did everything that he could to rectify that mistake even to the extent of when he was on stage he made an announcement to the audience and he recalled how some people cheered and others booed when he said i don't want anyone to bring that flag to a concert of ours again that's not what we're about what would a rock musician be without a little bit of controversy as we know tom petty dead at the age of sixty six to remind our viewers and mark aspen or from our culture desk thank you very much for telling us a little bit why about his life his legacy and of course his music. well the day is nearly done but the conversation as always continues online you can find us on twitter either at t w news or you can use my handle at sarah kelly t.v. don't forget you can also use the hash tag the day we will leave you now with some
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more from us rocker tom petty now in one of his best known hits i won't back down thanks for watching. this world i'm draggin. on my way. to. sit sir. it's a brand new trend in germany stand up paddling with your dog. a bit of training on dry land. rover is ready to ride the way. it's up to
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to be sure their pet stays dry. what does a football loving country need to reach its goals. we'll tell you how german soccer made it back to the top. in our web special. football made in germany. welcome to the show everyone let's kick things.


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